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Angeline Physical & Aquatic Therapy specializes in rehabilitation and restorative patient care services. We’re dedicated to improving our patients’ quality of life and all of our therapy programs are designed with personalized goals in mind. With state of the art equipment, a warm water pool, therapeutic modalities and an expert rehab staff, we can get you back to your old self quickly and on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

Call 513.575.PTPT to make an appointment. Our fax number is 513.965.0047.

Cold Laser Therapy

The latest in modalities to help stimulate healing.

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Orthopedic and Sport Injury Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation of various orthopedic and sport-related injury conditions.

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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Physical therapy that uses a warm water medium to help rehabilitate various...

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Athletic Training Services

Coverage of various community athletic events geared towards providing injury prevention...

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Exercise Consultation

Instruction in various conditioning, strengthening and weight loss strategies.

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Today’s Technologies at Medical Service

Today’s Technologies at Medical Service

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Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Risk of Acute Kidney Injury

Japanese giant Nissan has unveiled the world’s first nanopaint technology that stops a car getting dirty.


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